Cantoin: The World Capital of the Bagpipe

Located in Vines, in the charming village of Cantoin, in the north of Aveyron, you will discover the largest collection of bagpipes in the world!

This adventure began in 2014 thanks to the meeting of two enthusiasts, Mr. André RAYNAL and Mr. André RICROS. They initiated the creation of The House of the Cabrette and Traditions of Aubrac, a museum space dedicated to the history of the cabrette, an emblematic local bagpipe of Aubrac.

The Bagpipe in All its Forms

The idea of ​​expanding the space dedicated to the local bagpipe evolved into acquiring various types of bagpipes from around the world. This collection aims to place the cabrette in an international context, showing that culture emerges from the dialogue between tradition and modernity.