Explore the largest volcano in Europe : The Cantal Mountains

The Monts du Cantal form a colossal volcano with a diameter of 80 km, covering 2000 km². With a fascinating geological history, this Cantal giant offers spectacular views, especially from the iconic summit of Puy Mary.

This volcanic landscape is characterized by around twenty glacial valleys, over 50 peaks, including the Plomb du Cantal rising to 1,855 meters, passes connecting the valleys, and plateaus formed by ancient lava flows. Torrents cascade from glacial cirques to turquoise gorges, adding to the natural beauty of the area.

On the periphery, the planèzes offer lush pastures appreciated by Salers cows, recognizable by their lyre-shaped horns. These preserved lands are dotted with burons and villages with remarkable lauze roofs.

Classified as a Grand Site of France®, the Cantal volcano is managed by the Puy Mary Joint Union, in close collaboration with the Joint Union of the Regional Natural Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes.