An enchanted walk: Le Sentier de l'Imaginaire

The Sentier de l'Imaginaire is a unique experience that will awaken your creativity and imagination. This picturesque trail, located in the heart of Aveyron, transports you into a fairytale world where nature and art meet. As you follow the path, you'll discover a series of surprising artistic installations that invite you to plunge into fantastic worlds. Sculptures, paintings and ephemeral works of art blend harmoniously into the natural landscape, creating a magical atmosphere that will transport you on an extraordinary sensory journey. Let your imagination be your guide and let yourself be seduced by the poetry and creativity of the Sentier de l'Imaginaire.

A fun, interactive experience

The Sentier de l'Imaginaire is much more than a simple stroll: it's a truly interactive and entertaining adventure. The artistic installations invite visitors to interact with them, to touch, observe and feel. Whether you're on your own, with your family or with friends, you'll be captivated by the surprises that await you at every turn along the trail. Let your imagination run wild and be inspired by the artistic creations all around you. The Sentier de l'Imaginaire is an invitation to rediscover your childlike spirit, to explore, to dream and to enjoy a unique experience in harmony with nature.